Get creative with your makeup

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A group of Wellington Antipodes devotees joined us recently for an evening of creativity and colour in celebration of our Spring Collection of Moisture-Boost Natural Lipsticks. Inspiration was in the air as the women tested out new looks on themselves and each other – we’re excited to share some of their discoveries with you!

Here are some tips from natural beauty blogger Ailish from The Glowgetter, makeup artist Morgan from Hyacinth Girl, Charlie from Charlie and the Healthy Factory, fashion and lifestyle blogger Emma from A Tale of Two Citys and Antipodes devotee Gilly.

1. Be adventurous with your lipstick
Be bold and try using your Antipodes Moisture-Boost Natural Lipsticks on your eyelids or cheeks! Bright colours like Dragon Fruit Pink and Piha Beach Tangerine look fab applied as eyeshadow. And to make eyes really pop, dab on some Saviour Skin Balm near the inner corners of your eyes – this will reflect light for a subtle shimmer. Dusky Sound Pink and Remarkably Red are pretty worn on the cheeks as a cream blush, and Queenstown Hot Chocolate is great for contouring.

2. Set your lip colour with translucent powder
For longer lasting lipstick, pat a small amount of Translucent Skin-Brightening Mineral Finishing Powder on after your first layer of lipstick, before swiping on your second layer.

3. Keep your makeup brushes fresh with natural body wash
Soaps can be harsh on your skin and your makeup tools. Nirvana Hand & Body Wash doubles as gentle but effective brush cleaner. Use it to clean your makeup brushes once a week.

We’d like to thank the Bresolin for providing an elegant but relaxed environment in which to get creative. They even invented a series of cocktails inspired by the new lipsticks – our favourite was the Ruby Bay Rouge cocktail, which deliciously used blackberries on ice to attain a colour match.

Achieve elegance anywhere with our Spring Collection of Moisture-Boost Natural Lipsticks: Boom Rock Bronze, Ruby Bay Rouge and West Coast Sunset. These healthy lipsticks condition your lips as they colour, with pure plant oils from avocado, evening primrose, calendula and argan nut.