Antipodes launches in Tokyo

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Japanese beauty insiders enjoyed a little slice of New Zealand at the launch of Antipodes Organic Scientifically Validated Natural Skincare on March 7 in Tokyo.

"We are so excited to bring our products to discerning women in the Japanese market", says Elizabeth Barbalich, Antipodes founder and CEO. "As in other countries around the world, Japanese customers are growing in awareness about the need for organic, natural skincare to nurture truly healthy skin. We bring them all this and something more - our products are scientifically validated, so customers can trust us to bring real results." 

Japanese women will discover skin-enhancing ingredients produced in the pristine, pollution-free New Zealand environment, such as nutrient-rich avocado oil, soothing and hydrating manuka honey, and revolutionary Vinanza® antioxidants from New Zealand-grown superfruit. These all feature in Antipodes’ high-performance anti-ageing and skin-brightening formulations.

A quiet haven nestled amidst some of the busiest streets in the world, the New Zealand Embassy in Shibuya opened wide its doors for the launch event. Guests enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere of the Embassy, with presentations, refreshments and time to try Antipodes products.

Where to buy Antipodes in Japan

Antipodes products are available at selected Cosme Kitchen stores across Japan. A natural partner to bring Antipodes to Japanese customers, Cosme Kitchen's beautiful stores showcase the best natural and organic products from around the world.

Antipodes is available now in the following Cosme Kitchen stores:

  • Cosme Kitchen LUMINE Yurakucho 
  • Cosme Kitchen Hankyu Umeda
  • Cosme Kitchen coredo Nihonbashi
  • Cosme Kitchen LUMINE Shinjyuku 1
  • Cosme Kitchen atre Ebisu
  • Cosme Kitchen STELLAR PLACE Sapporo
  • Cosme Kitchen BEAUTY Hankyu Hakata
  • Cosme Kitchen Shibuya Hikarie
  • Cosme Kitchen Tennoji mio
  • Cosme Kitchen LUMINE Kitasenjyu
  • Cosme kitchen Beauty Nagoya LACHIC
  • Cosme Kitchen LUMINE Ikebukuro.