Elizabeth Barbalich wins Product Entrepreneur Award

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Antipodes®  CEO and founder, Elizabeth Barbalich, has won the highly-coveted Product category of the NZ EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards.

The NZ EY Entrepreneur Of The Year recognises business leaders with ingenuity and perseverance, honouring entrepreneurs who have sustained successful business ventures. Mrs Barbalich was recognised for her entrepreneurial spirit, strategic direction, national and global impact, financial performance, innovation and personal integrity.

The Antipodes founder is a finalist alongside four other category winners in one of the world’s most prestigious business award for entrepreneurs. The overall New Zealand EY Entrepreneur Of The Year winner will be awarded in September and will go on to represent New Zealand at the world awards in Monte Carlo.

“It’s a privilege to be included alongside other key business leaders and entrepreneurial New Zealanders,” Mrs Barbalich says. “My vision for Antipodes has always been for innovation with integrity."

"From the beginning I recognised the impact a premium quality New Zealand product could have and set out to build a company that would not only grow our brand but New Zealand’s.”

Antipodes founder saw an unexplored niche in the market for an avant-garde brand that would elevate natural skincare to the next level. Pioneering scientifically-validated natural beauty was a logical step for Elizabeth, ensuring quality and results for her ever-growing loyal customer base.

Each new product is the result of exhaustive testing and validation using the best of New Zealand nature. It’s this focus on quality and innovation, supported by a talented team in Wellington and around the world, that has resulted in Antipodes substantial expansion into the busy skincare market.    

 “A lot of hard work and perseverance goes into what Antipodes does” Elizabeth says, “So it’s wonderful to be recognised for the very real impact Antipodes is having both at home and on the global stage.”

EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards director Darren White said, “We continue to be in awe of these entrepreneurs from all corners of the country who have demonstrated enormous courage, determination and skill to establish and grow their businesses, we are delighted they have taken this opportunity to join us in celebrating Kiwi entrepreneurship.”

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