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Autumn Colours

Antipodes® new range of healthy Moisture-Boost natural lipsticks features 12 shades with a hint of shine that celebrate the spectacular scenery and premium produce of New Zealand.

Elizabeth Barbalich, Antipodes® founder and CEO, says while the range is suitable for any woman anywhere in the world, there are three shades that are particularly ideal for autumn.

“South Pacific Coral, Oriental Bay Plum and Forest Berry Red are three of the new shades that will add a dramatic and lustrous shine to brighten up this coming autumn,” says Elizabeth.

South Pacific Coral and Oriental Bay Plum come from the ‘pink’ family of colours. South Pacific Coral is a delicate coral shade that can take the wearer from the beach to the office and then onto the restaurant, while Oriental Bay Plum, which takes its name from the iconic Wellington beachfront promenade, is a luscious hue reminiscent of the season’s juiciest fruit.

Forest Berry Red is drawn from the ‘red’ end of colour spectrum and is based on New Zealand nature, specifically the bright berries on which native songbirds feast.

“These three shades will add a pop of colour to even the dullest autumn day,” says Elizabeth.

The new Moisture-Boost natural range, which is available in stores from today, is not only beautiful, it’s also good for you.

“These natural lipsticks are superior to others on the market because they are so healthy. An abundance of natural, edible ingredients make these lipsticks healthier to wear everyday.”      

Elizabeth was inspired to create the range when she discovered that over a lifetime, a woman may ingest as much as three kilograms of lipstick, either absorbed through the lips or while eating or drinking. 

“The Moisture-Boost range is formulated with safer healthier ingredients, including pure plant oil which is extracted from Nature’s superfoods: avocado pear, calendula flower and  evening primrose seed,” says Elizabeth.

The range also includes argan nut, healthy, moisturising bioactives, beeswax, hydrating shea butter, jojoba oil and Vitamin E for extra lip nourishment. All key ingredients are natural in origin with low levels of FDA-approved colour pigments for vibrancy. The whole range is certified vegetarian by the UK Vegetarian Society, the world’s most respected vegetarian organisation. The fully recyclable boxes are made from 100% biodegradable cardboard from sustainable forests.