Beauty Expert Q & A: natural makeup

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Can natural makeup give you the same results as traditional makeup? We think so.

For a long time, chemical-free makeup wasn’t always able to match traditional formulations for impact and performance. But the Antipodes Scientific Natural Makeup range of natural mineral foundations and moisturising avocado pear lipsticks has devotees right around the world, and has even won a major international award* for performance.

The range has very high levels of natural ingredients, including ones which actually help enhance your skin's health.

For instance, our foundations feature revolutionary Vinanza Grape & Kiwi, an antioxidant-packed extract from sauvignon blanc grape seeds and the skin of the superfruit kiwifruit. It helps reduce facial flushing, while earth minerals in the foundation help balance oil production, rescue blemished skin and provide the most natural of tones.

The natural makeup has been designed as an extension to our natural skincare range. If you’re going to put healthy, pure cleansers, serums and moisturisers on your face, why would you then cover your natural beauty with synthetic makeup?

We asked our in-house Beauty Expert to shine the light on our natural makeup range with a Q & A:

Q) Why should I choose natural makeup over synthetic mainstream ranges?

Many so-called natural makeup products have ingredients that are refined, bleached, deodorised and heated to high temperatures. This strips them of their pure and natural qualities. But Antipodes’ range of natural mineral foundations and healthy lipsticks are certified vegetarian, and are free from nano-technology, soy products and GMOs, making them much healthier for your skin and overall health. Our foundations use Australian earth minerals such as zinc oxide and kaolin clay which provide sheer yet rich coverage that allows your skin to breathe. And because we avoid heavy synthetic ingredients that are potentially toxic and can clog your pores, that means fewer break-outs. Our mineral powder foundations carry an SPF 15 rating, so you’ll also be helping protect it from sun damage. The Antipodes Scientific Natural Makeup range is makeup that actually helps care for your skin!

Q) Do you get the same visual impact or appearance from using natural makeup as you do from traditional makeup?

Yes! Our foundations provide a long-lasting, flawless coverage. They apply as a powder but look like a cream. The level of coverage is great, and you can camouflage problem areas like rosacea, eczema, and blemishes.Our natural makeup is also better for your skin: they're full of antioxidants, are moisturising, and help provide sun protection.

Q) I have mature skin. Will the mineral foundation settle into my lines and make my skin look older?

No, because the minerals used in our foundations have been very finely ground so that the makeup goes on as a powder but finishes like a cream. This provides a flawless finish that doesn’t settle in fine lines and wrinkles. Light-reflecting mica also helps deliver a smooth, radiant visage whatever your age.

Q) Do you use nanoparticles in your mineral makeup?

No. Our mineral powders are beautifully fine though for a skin-perfect, flawless complexion.

Q) How long does the mineral foundation last?

The minerals in our powder foundations helps them to stay on your skin for longer. For a longer-lasting finish, apply our Skin-Brightening Mineral Finishing Powder which helps 'set' your makeup in place.

Q) Are Antipodes lipsticks long-lasting?

Our range of moisturising avocado pear lipsticks provide a matte coverage with a hint of shine, and offer rich, long-lasting colour. The richer, darker tones are likely to last slightly longer on your lips because of their more intense pigmentation.

Q) Are your lipsticks safe?

Yes. We don’t have any nasty chemicals in our natural lipsticks which is why we say our lipsticks are almost good enough to eat! With a base of avocado oil, they range upwards of 90% made from purely natural ingredients, with low levels of colour pigments added for vibrancy. You'll find our lipsticks actually condition lips as they colour!

Q) Is your makeup vegetarian?

All our makeup has been approved by the world-renowned UK Vegetarian Society as safe for vegetarians.

Q) Is your makeup vegan?

Our mineral foundations are vegan, but our healthy lipsticks contain beeswax.

Q) Is your makeup safe for sensitive skin?

Yes our mineral foundations are dermatologically approved by a New York laboratory for sensitive skin.


* Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible awarded Antipodes Scientific Organic Skincare the Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible Award Winners for Performance Plus Mineral Foundation and Antipodes lipsticks