Antipodes on more shelves in more stores

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Antipodes is pushing further into the Canadian market, riding on a wave of interest in clean beauty.

Iconic department store Hudson’s Bay is expanding the range of clean beauty products on offer, which means customers will see Antipodes products in more stores later this year.

“It’s very encouraging to be expanding our presence in Hudson’s Bay,” says Pieta Reid, International Business Development Expert. “This store is iconic for Canadians, so it’s a vote of confidence to be part of their clean beauty focus”, Reid said.

Antipodes adds Hudson’s Bay to a growing list of Canadian retailers – independent boutiques like CurliQue in Vancouver, Wholefoods Market stores across Toronto and elsewhere, and online retailer Amazon Canada.

To prepare for growth in the Canadian market, Antipodes has adjusted its packaging to suit language requirements. “Bilingual packaging to cater to both French and English-speaking Canadians is a requirement, so now this process is complete we're ready to fully embrace all the opportunities Canada has to offer," Reid said. 

Antipodes is enjoying substantial global growth as consumers who aspire to live healthy and sustainable lives, turn their attention to their skincare choices. The brand recently entered the Japanese market, and opportunities in new territories are constantly being explored.