UK Beauty Blogger goes behind the scenes 

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Em Ford finds out how Antipodes products are made.

Knowing where the ingredients come from in our skincare and makeup is increasingly important to consumers. In fact, global figures suggest that around one in four women believe it is “very important” that their skincare purchases are natural.

At Antipodes, we feel the same way. It’s why we use premium ingredients sustainably harvested from safe and unpolluted New Zealand natural sources.        

But how many people know how their skincare products are actually made? Recently, when noted UK beauty blogger Em Ford was in New Zealand to help us launch our new healthy range of Moisture-Boost natural lipsticks, we took the opportunity to head to Auckland to see exactly how Antipodes products are produced, packaged and distributed.

After ‘suiting up’ in white lab coats and hair-nets, Em was given an overview of the state-of-the-art processing facilities and a look at how our products are custom formulated, as well as the robust climate-control and quality assurance checks used to ensure a quality product.

And then Em got her hands dirty, helping out on the production line for Jubilation Ultra Nourishing Hand & Body Cream. Em discovered that placing the aluminium tubes on the special conveyer belt isn’t as easy as it looks, but was fascinated with the inside of the tubes which are lined with a special gold scheckolin coating to protect the products from direct exposure to the aluminium.

A special highlight for Em was personalising the packaging for our award-winning Avocado Pear Moisturising Cream by printing her name on a box, just under the bar code. And she tried her hand at packing the Avocado Pear Moisturising Cream into boxes for distribution.

“I’ve loved seeing how my favourite Antipodes products are made and packaged,” says Em. 

In recognition of Em Fords visit to the factory, Antipodes agreed to provide  a personalized stamp with Em Fords name on it, on our top selling Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream.