Green Beauty Ethos

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Our company environmental sustainability policy is the Antipodes Green Beauty Ethos. It's the ethical roadmap by which we steer every major decision. In it we promise you that:

  1. Antipodes limits its impact on the environment.
  2. Antipodes limits human exposure to synthetic or toxic chemicals.
  3. We favour the use of certified organic ingredients where there is a suitable and reliable source.
  4. Otherwise, we use premium natural ingredients sourced from sustainable and pollution-free origins.
  5. Our aspiration is creating cosmetics that are not only environmentally friendly but safely biodegradable.
  6. We commit to independent certification that verifies our green beauty status, such as organic and vegetarian, to prove we are genuine and trustworthy.
  7. We favour packaging that’s recyclable and biodegradable.
  8. Business partners and charities are chosen for their similar ethics, and we forge long-term, trustworthy relationships with them.

What is green beauty?

‘Green beauty’ is a term in the cosmetics industry that refers to organic and natural skincare and makeup.

In this increasingly ‘green-washed’ industry – whereby some products are marketed to be much more environmentally friendly than they actually are – Antipodes is a genuine green beauty brand.

For example, our premium natural ingredients are stringently selected for being safe for humans and the environment. And we always verify the status of our organic products to you with independent certification.