Natural skincare from the New Zealand rainforest

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The powerful canopy trees, lush ferns, and flowering shrubs which feed New Zealand’s songbirds belong to one of the world’s most unique and unpolluted environments on Earth – the New Zealand rainforest.

It’s here that New Zealand's plant species have evolved in geographic isolation over tens of millions of years. New Zealand lies deep in the South Pacific, and separated in ancient times from Gondwanaland – the great subcontinent that included most of the landmasses of the Southern Hemisphere.

An island nation, New Zealand was untouched by humans until just a thousand years ago when discovered by Polynesian explorers. Great swathes of landscape remain unpopulated to this day: it's a wild and fresh environment with plant species found nowhere else on Earth.

You have to experience the New Zealand rainforest to know what a powerfully energising place it is to be. The air is clean and cool in any season, refreshed from the south by Antarctic air currents and above by regular rainfall.

The tallest trees tower for the light, while shading lush and diverse species below. At any height, the pristine flora is bursting with potent anti-blemish, anti-fungal and antioxidant-rich properties.

It’s from this exceptional environment that Antipodes is proud to present pollution-free and skin-enhancing bioactive extracts that feature across our skincare range.

Our rainforest extracts are pure and potent, and sustainably harvested with great care for the wilderness.

Experience the skin-enhancing power of: 

  • Golden kowhai for high antioxidant bioactivity. Natural antimicrobial properties halt the growth of microorganisms like bacteria or fungi, making it the perfect cleansing and moisturising agent.
  • Mamaku black fern for cell renewal. Firms and protects your skin, and generates fresh cell growth. Mamaku is a stunning rainforest tree fern, and the spiral shape of its unfurling frond is a strong symbol of new life in New Zealand. This 'koru' shape is the main feature of the livery of Air New Zealand's fleet, for which Antipodes is the official skincare partner.
  • Crimson pohutukawa for skin conditioning. The bioactive extract from the flowers of New Zealand’s iconic pohutukawa is conditioning, deeply moisturising, antioxidant-packed and antiseptic. It also promotes cell regeneration and soft, youthful skin.
  • Health-generating totara. The mighty totara is a native New Zealand hardwood tree that is extremely durable. Totara extract imparts this strength to your skin, neutralising the free radicals linked to skin ageing. It also has powerful antimicrobial and anti-blemish qualities, meaning you can achieve super-clean skin.
  • Omega-rich harakeke New Zealand flax. At the rainforests’ lower levels, growing where they emerge into the lowlands, our native flax yields an oil that deeply moisturises skin. We hold in adoration its high levels of omega – an essential fatty acid for truly healthy skin.

These are just the start of a cache of ingredients from New Zealand nature that deliver a powerhouse of antioxidants and nutrients to your skin.