Discover the spirit of New Zealand nature when you experience the Antipodes range. We present pure, safe and natural formulations created from unpolluted New Zealand nature.

Fertile soil, clear air, high sunshine hours and clean rainfall. These superior growing conditions give us bountiful premium natural ingredients from which we create our nutrient-rich skincare and makeup:

  • Sustainably harvested botanical bioactives from plants and trees in the lush New Zealand wilderness, with potent skin-enhancing properties that have evolved in splendid isolation over millions of years.
  • Nutrient-dense natural ingredients from world-class New Zealand producers: Vitamin C-rich kiwi seed oil, anti-blemish manuka honey from bees that forage on wild manuka flowers, and luscious avocado oil.

These are just the start of a cache of ingredients from New Zealand nature that deliver a powerhouse of antioxidants and nutrients to your skin.

Wrapped in our evergreen biodegradable packaging, you’ll also discover pure plant scents that seduce your soul with a fragrant journey to the Antipodes: to a dew-dropped spring morning in the forest, or a secluded bay on a summer’s night…

We invite you to experience Antipodes, and immerse yourself in the unrivalled beauty of New Zealand nature. This is pure skincare at its very finest.

Bestow your skin with the fresh energy of the New Zealand forest

An island nation deep in the South Pacific and the closest nation to Antarctica, New Zealand’s unique and pristine environment is like nowhere else on Earth.

Untouched by humans until just a thousand years ago, our country’s pristine flora is bursting with potent anti-blemish, anti-fungal and antioxidant-rich properties.

Experience the skin-enhancing power of sustainable, wild-harvested extracts from New Zealand rainforests. These are bioactive extracts from New Zealand's plant species that have evolved in geographic isolation over tens of millions of years:

  • mamaku black fern for cell renewal
  • crimson pohutukawa for skin conditioning
  • golden kowhai for high antioxidant bioactivity
  • omega-rich harakeke New Zealand flax
  • health-generating totara.

Premium natural ingredients from world-leading producers

New Zealand’s horticulture is world-class. Innovative, high-tech focused producers extract their yields from New Zealand’s clean environment with maximum vitality, freshness and nutrient density. These passionate producers love to work their land, and never take their eye off quality for the sake of quantity.

From New Zealand’s top orchards and vineyards, we source premium ingredients power-packed for beauty performance such as:

  • nutrient-rich avocado oil
  • kiwi seed oil
  • revolutionary antioxidant Vinanza Grape from sauvignon blanc grapes
  • manuka honey.

We work only with producers who meet our exacting standards for purity, safety, quality and environmental care.

The efficacy of a skincare formulation relies on the quality of its ingredients. That’s why we bring you only Nature's best.