A big win for Antipodes with the world's largest retailer

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Alibaba Melbourne


As invites go, being asked to be the first New Zealand skin-care brand to have a flagship platform on Alibaba, the world’s largest retailer, is right up there.

Earlier this year, Jack Ma, the billionaire founder of the Chinese internet giant, personally invited our  founder and CEO Elizabeth Barbalich and our Digital Marketing Specialist, Katrina McClelland, to showcase Antipodes™  products on the site to coincide with the opening of the Alibaba Group’s first Australasian office.     

“We are delighted that Jack is a fan of our unique natural skincare brand and appreciates our ability to bring a slice of New Zealand’s beauty to the rest of the world,” says Elizabeth.

Elizabeth and Katrina flew to Melbourne in early February to attend the opening of Alibaba’s first Australasian office. Elizabeth chatted with Jack Ma and presented him with our new Moisture-Boost Natural range of healthy lipsticks for his wife.

“We are inspired by Jack’s story and his entrepreneurial drive, as well as his love of New Zealand’s clean environment which he believes provides a unique selling point for Kiwi businesses,” says Elizabeth.

 Alibaba operates retail operations in more than 190 countries and is particularly popular in China where many of the 1.4 billion population are users.

Elizabeth says she is particularly supportive of Alibaba’s focus on three key sectors: small businesses, young people and women.

“Jack believes these three groups are the future, that it’s the small businesses who are the centre of innovation and create the most jobs.”

The rise of Alibaba mirrors Antipodes’ own growth, particularly in the global marketplace.

“We only started a decade ago, so we’re relatively young as a company and are still growing. But I’m proud of what we’ve achieved in the last decade, particularly in terms of our strong China and UK markets, as well as our high-profile relationship with Air New Zealand as their skincare partner. To be singled out for recognition by a global giant like Alibaba shows that we’re on the right track.”