Premium natural skincare ingredients from New Zealand producers

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New Zealand is highly regarded around the world as a producer of excellence. Our horticulture, viticulture and agriculture products are sought-after internationally by the most discerning customers, wine aficionados and chefs.

Our export produce is loved for its freshness, top quality, bountiful size, and high nutrient-density. And – in the case of New Zealand’s award-winning wine industry – for superior added value to primary products.

It’s from this pool of excellence we source the pollution-free, skin-enhancing bioactive extracts we feature across our natural skincare and makeup, and present to the world. Grown in New Zealand’s top orchards and vineyards, these premium natural skincare ingredients are superfoods: pure, safe and power-packed for beauty performance.

So what makes superior New Zealand produce so world-class? Is it nature or nurture? Actually, it’s both:

Nature: The New Zealand temperate environment is blessed with fertile soil, clear air, high sunshine hours, mineral-rich fresh water springs, and clean rainfall. These magnificent growing conditions give us Nature’s fresh bounty: plentiful, top-quality produce every season – the origin of our superfood extracts.

Nurture: Innovative, high-tech producers on New Zealand orchards and vineyards skilfully extract their yields from New Zealand’s clean environment with maximum vitality, freshness and nutrient density. These passionate producers love to work their land, and never take their eye off quality for the sake of quantity. We work only with producers who meet our exacting standards for purity, safety, quality and environmental care.


Premium natural skincare ingredients

Experience the skin-enhancing power of these world-class New Zealand ingredients: 

Avocado oil: ‘Green Gold’ for skin. The emerald green oil extracted from avocados helps to hydrate and moisturise the skin, increase collagen production, and keep the skin’s surface beautifully dewy and supple. Nutrient-rich – especially in Vitamin E – our avocados are lovingly grown in the beautiful regions of Hawkes Bay and subtropical Northland.

Kiwi seed oil that’s rich in Vitamin C. The high concentrations of Omega 3 fatty acids in the oil extracted from the seeds of New Zealand kiwifruit make kiwi seed oil the perfect ingredient for natural skincare. Rich in Vitamin C, it can help improve elasticity as well as reduce wrinkles and fine lines. We source our kiwi seed oil from kiwifruit grown in orchards around New Zealand; they're raised in rich soil and bathed in warm sunshine.

Manuka honey or ‘liquid gold’. This antibacterial* superfood helps promote youthful, fresh and blemish-free skin. Our honey supplier, Watson & Son, is a family-owned, environmentally-friendly company that focuses on quality and sustainability. Its hives are located in some of New Zealand’s most remote and beautiful wilds.

Revolutionary Vinanza antioxidant extracts from New Zealand superfruits. A discovery from New Zealand means women the world over can benefit from new anti-aging skincare science. Scientists discovered that the seeds of sauvignon blanc grapes grown on Marlborough vineyards possess something no other grapes do: they have double the levels of polyphenolic antioxidants of grapes grown anywhere else in the world! Carefully sourced from pollution-free origins, raw antioxidant extracts from these grapes and other New Zealand grown superfruit like kiwi, boysenberries and blackcurrants come together in the revolutionary Vinanza range of antioxidant extracts.


These premium natural skincare ingredients are just the start of a cache of ingredients from New Zealand nature that deliver a powerhouse of antioxidants and nutrients to your skin.


* Watson & Son, “Healing Honey,”