Natural Hair Kabuki Brush



Soft natural hairs allow for a consistently measured application, without leaving the clumps or brush residue that can often result from using synthetic brushes.


Daily Ritual

You'll be rewarded with at least six months of daily use from this brush if you treat it with a little tender loving care. Simply spray it weekly with any Antipodes toner to clean it, gently wiping the residue with a tissue or soft cotton cloth. A monthly wash using either Antipodes Nirvana Hand & Body Wash will keep the natural hair in top condition. Be sure to rinse your brush thoroughly, shake out the excess water, and then allow it to dry in a warm place out of direct sunlight.


Certified vegetarian by the UK Vegetarian Society, a globally respected organisation for the assessment of vegetarian status.


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  • Goat Hair: Goat Hair

  • Fragrance-free

  • Performance Plus Mineral Foundation Light Yellow SPF15

  • Dusky Sound Pink Lipstick

  • Natural Health Beauty Awards 2015

  • Natural Health 2014 Beauty Awards

Performance Plus Mineral Foundation Pale Pink SPF15 Performance Plus Mineral Foundation Light Yellow Performance Plus Mineral Foundation Medium Beige Performance Plus Mineral Foundation Tan Translucent Skin-Brightening Mineral Finishing Powder Natural Hair Kabuki Brush Image Map