We aspire to create a range of scientifically validated skincare and makeup that’s healthiest for people and the Earth.

Our environmental sustainability policy is our Green Beauty Ethos, featuring environmentally friendly pledges like onshore production in New Zealand, recyclable packaging, and independent verification of our organic products.

Because we are devoutly focused on quality, we believe that the most nutrient-rich skincare ingredients come from the purest pollution-free sources:

  • Our pure plant oil producers tend to their orchards and fields with natural compounds to yield nutrient-rich avocado's in subtropical Northland, superfruit kiwi in the lush Hawkes Bay, and meadowfoam flowers in the fertile Canterbury Plains.
  • Lovingly-kept bees gift us their world-famous manuka honey from sustainable hives in New Zealand’s remotest locations.
  • One of the world’s most sustainable wine producers gives us the raw material needed for our innovative Vinanza antioxidants, extracted using innovative clean water methods to lower the chemical load on Earth.
  • Kawakawa, totara and pohutukawa extracts from New Zealand forests are always wild-harvested sustainably.