An ecosystem of suppliers

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For Antipodes, economic sustainability is about creating an eco-system of like-minded partners in a production chain that spans field and forest to shop floor.

All of our producers and supply partners are stringently picked for their values, and a commitment to sustainability that’s similar to our own Green Beauty Ethos. We have grown this strong network of business partners in New Zealand because our country has world-class producers and suppliers, and because it reduces our carbon footprint.

Keeping skincare production onshore in New Zealand also means we can ensure the highest quality outcome without compromise. For instance, every batch is closely monitored to minimise product changes that occur as a result of natural seasonal and ingredient fluctuations.

“We invest in long-term trustworthy relationships, so the legacy we offer our supply partners is that as our business grows, so does theirs.”
Elizabeth Barbalich, Antipodes founder & director